As a Black-owned business, we value Bla(c)k lives and wish to imbue our youth with a strong sense of self, a sense of cultural pride, and a rooted sense of direction. This is why 100% of the proceeds of our triple-layered cotton masks will go toward Indigenous youth-focused organisations each month.
October Feature
Wirringa Baiya is a state-wide service providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children in NSW with a gender-specific service sensitive to their culturally diverse needs; and to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women victims-survivors of violence with access to appropriate legal representation, advocacy, advice, and referral.
The Centre's values are that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women manage the service, be non- profit-making, and pay special attention to the needs of economically and socially disadvantaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children.
Wirringa Baiya’s work centers around providing support for women in cases of domestic violence, imprisonment, care protection, victim services, law reform, family law, community legal education on various topics, and much more for the community.
Their Civil Law team of lawyers is dedicated to helping Indigenous women and children to break down the barriers of lost hope, suppression, and failing systems which contribute to many of their human rights violations.

Wirringa means ‘women’, with the language originating from Central inland New South Wales, and Baiya means ‘speak’ which originates from the Darrkinyung, Dharug, Eora, and North-Western NSW language groups. The name was chosen in keeping with one of Wirringa Baiya’s primary aims; to provide a voice for Aboriginal women.